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The network of cultural institutions of Novgorod Region is represented by 158 institutions with the status of a legal entity, including:

federal - 1

regional - 11

municipal - 146

734 cultural organisations and their branches operate in the region.

Network structure according to the types of institutions:

libraries - 26 legal entities (branches including - 344);

cultural and leisure institutions - 69 legal entities (branches including - 317);

museums - 12 legal entities (branches including - 22);

theatres - 2 legal entities;

concert organisations - 2 legal entities;

cinema service - 1 legal entity;

vocational education institutions - 1 legal entity;

additional education institutions for children - 30 legal entities;

archival institutions - 3 legal entities;

parks - 1 legal entity;

others - 11 (Accounting Service Centers).

Leading institutions of Arts:

Federal State Budget Institution of Culture «Novgorod State United Museum» (;

State Budget Institution of Culture and Arts The State Museum of Art of Novgorod land (;

State Budget Institution of Culture and Arts Novgorod Academic Drama Theatre named after Fyodor M. Dostoevsky (;

Regional Autonomous Institution of Culture and Arts Novgorod Oblast Philharmonic named after A.S. Arensky (;

Municipal Budget Institution of Culture and Arts Novgorod Theater for children and youth Mali. (;

Municipal Budget Institution of Culture and Arts City Brass Band.

Training in arts and culture is offered by the State Budget Professional Educational Institution Novgorod Regional College of Arts named after S.V. Rakhmaninov. The college provides tuition for about 600 students (

State Budget Institution of Culture Novgorod Regional Universal Scientific Library is the main regional library ( Since 1946, the library has been registering all bibliographic items in the Novgorodika database, which is now the only source in Novgorod Region containing systematic bibliographic information about Novgorod, its history, economy and culture from the XVIII century to the present day.

The database is placed on the official site of the library and is available for a wide range of readers (

The site also offers the Calendar of Significant Dates which contains the most extensive information on all matters connected not only with the history of Novgorod Region and Russia, but also with the world history (

A unique art issues magazine for schoolchildren, teachers and parents Vvedenskaya Side, which has no analogues in the Russian Federation, is issued in Staraya Russa. Its founder, publisher and editor-in-chief is Nikolai Lokotkov, a teacher and an artist.

In 2009, the magazine was awarded the Russian Federation Government print media award For the Contribution to the Preservation and Promotion of the Cultural Heritage of the Country, for Upbringing and Education of the Youth and the Likhachev Foundation Prize (

Most prominent figures of Russian culture and science lived and worked on the Novgorod land. Among them were such Russian famous writers as Gavrila Derzhavin and Fyodor Dostoevsky, Russian famous composers Sergei Rakhmaninoff and Anton Arensky, Russian painter and philosopher Nikolai Rerikh, Russian ethnographer and traveler Nikolai Miklukho-Maklay, famous Russian commander Alexander Suvorov.

Special events which are held in Novgorod Region in memory of these eminent personalities have become traditional: the Days of Slavic Writing and Culture; the International Music Festival and the International Competition for Young Pianists in honour of S.V. Rakhmaninoff; the Chamber Theatre Festival based on Fyodor Dostoyevsky's works; literary readings of such famous Russian writers and poets as G.R. Derzhavin, V. Khlebnikov, V. Bianki and others; the Festival of Russian Music and the Arts festival named after A. Arensky.

Citizens of Novgorod Region can realize their creative potential participating in various organized clubs and groups. The regional cultural and leisure institutions host 3664 clubs and groups including 2543 clubs and groups in rural areas. The total number of club members amounts to about 52,5 thousand people including about 28,5 thousand people in rural areas. There are 1,896 clubs and shared interests groups for children and adolescents, with the total number of participants amounting to more than 26 thousand people.

For cultural sector, all activities focused on preservation and development of traditional culture and folklore are very essential. The leading institution is the State Budget Cultural Institution Novgorod Regional Folk Art Centre. ( Every year, the regional Arts Center holds the International Folk Arts and Crafts Festival Sadko in order to develop and promote original traditional music, songs, dances, festive ceremonies, family traditions, arts and craft activities of people all over the world. In 2017, it was held for the 16th time.

2,180 amateur folk music groups with 23,242 participants support artistic activities in the Novgorod region. Among them there are 390 musical ensembles, 347 choreographic ensembles, 72 folk music bands, 529 arts and folk craft groups, 106 art studios.

The best amateur art groups are awarded the title of national (or exemplary) amateur art group for the contribution to educational and public activity, challenging repertoire selection and high artistic level recognized with awards at various competitions, talent shows and amateur art festivals.

Updated information about cultural events held in Novgorod Region is placed on the official site Cultural life in Novgorod Region (