Wednesday, 21 April 2021 RUS


The strength of education sector is a competitive advantage of Novgorod Region. There are 461 institutions which provide education for more than 122 thousand children and young people, as well more than 23 thousand jobs (7,6 % of the region’s employed population).

Since 2012, 100% of children aged 3 to 7 years old have access to preschools. Four new kindergarten buildings have been built for the past 5 years and 3637 additional places created for the implementation of preschool education programs. 5 non-governmental organisations provide services in preschool education sector. 17% of kindergartens have created built environment and facilities which are accessible and user-friendly equally to all children in compliance with safety and accessibility standards.

168 educational institutions are involved in general education sector. Among them there are 25 institutions with advanced study of individual items and 12 institutions for students with disabilities.

The share of students enrolled in general education classes compliant with the Federal State Educational Standard accounts for 85% of all schoolchildren.

E-teaching practices have become an integral part of teaching and learning processes for 43 % of students in 66 % of institutions of general education. 100% of graduates receive certificates of secondary general education. 100% of children with disabilities are trained with the use of distance teaching and learning technologies. 30% of schools have accessible environment for children with disabilities.

The share of students who study in one shift accounts for 97.1% of all schoolchildren of Novgorod Region (single-shift schools). According to this index Novgorod Region ranks 5th in Russia.

On September 1st 2017, a new school for 1350 students opened in a new residential area in Veliky Novgorod. Another school of a similar building design, which is scheduled to open next year, is now under construction.

Every year four schools of Veliky Novgorod are included in the TOP-500 of the best schools in Russia. Gymnasium 2, Pedagogical Boarding School and Gymnasium 4 of Veliky Novgorod are included in this ranking for the second consecutive year. Gymnasium 2 is also included in the TOP-200 of general institutions providing high quality learning and development opportunities. This ranking also includes a school in a small village Nebolchi, Lubytino district which provides vocational training related to industrial and technological areas.

Distance education for children with disabilities has been provided in Novgorod Region for 10 years. Training is carried out by the state regional general educational institution «Center for Inclusive Education» - the winner of all-Russian national contest Uspeshnaya shkola 2016 (Successful School 2016) .

More than 22 thousand students are trained in vocational institutions.

The following vocational institutions offer education and training in 61 professions and 72 vocational specialties for the key sectors of the regional economy:

· 19 Novgorod regional state institutions

1 non-governmental professional educational institution

3 branches of vocational institutions;

Federal State Budgetary Educational Institution of Higher Education “Yaroslav-the-Wise Novgorod State University” (NovSU) and 3 branches of higher educational institutions offer higher professional education in 65 specialties.

In 2017, NovSU became one of the winners of the second competition among backbone universities of Russia and became a member of the Russias Backbone Universities group.

Since June 2016 Novgorod Region has been an associate member of the movement Worldskills Russia. The first regional championship in 10 skills of high demand on the regional labor market was held in 2016.

The second regional championship Worldskills Russia is scheduled for 2017. The number of skills is expected to increase from 10 to 18.

In 2017, Novgorod Region became a participant of the federal strategic programme Highly Qualified Workforce Development.